Le BYD Tang EV600D est équipé d'une batterie de 82,8 kWh et de deux moteurs à transmission intégrale (deux moteurs électriques de 180 kW et 330 Nm) qui fournissent 490 cv. Le BYD Tang EV600D accélère de 0 à 100 km/h en aussi peu que 4,4 secondes et a une autonomie allant jusqu'à 500 km sur une seule charge.

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WLTP city*


WLTP combined*


with dual motor

*Note: Actual electric range and power consumption may depend on the individual user, driving style, vehicle speed, environmental conditions, outside temperature, route profile and other reasons. This means that the actual figures may differ slightly from the test figures. In addition, the use of auxiliary systems such as air conditioning or heated seats can also affect the actual figures.

A harmony of style and efficiency

Dragons symbolize potent and auspicious powers. BYD’s chief designer, Wolfgang Egger, has led a world-class design team to instil these features into TANG’s design, bringing together superb craftsmanship, dynamism and sleekness.

Capable for all time use 

With extremely generous storage space, roof-racks and towage, TANG allows you to pack all your gear regardless of what you’re doing, or where you’re going.

Space for all kinds of adventures 

The seven-seat TANG offers a cavernous 1,655L of cargo space behind the front row seats, while 60/40 split, fold-flat rear seats increase the flexibility factor to ensure you can bring all your gear along on the adventure.*

*Note: 1,655L behind the front row seats, 940L behind the second row and 235L behind the back row. Cargo and load capacity are limited by weight and weight distribution.

A driving theatre 

Driving should be a sensory experience. To suit your mood, TANG is equipped with 31-colour ambient lights throughout the interior. A high-end sound system includes 12 loud-speakers plus DIRAC Live® function, providing a pristine, natural sound to satisfy your auditory needs. For the driver and passengers, TANG delivers a true theatre experience.