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The Easy Energy credit offered by Rawbank and GoShop Energy is aimed at individuals wanting to purchase solar kits, with eligibility criteria including being aged between 25 and 60, employed by a Rawbank-approved company with a minimum salary of 60 USD, and having a work contract of at least one year's duration. The credit provides from 150 USD to 10,000 USD at a monthly interest rate of 1.75% in USD (3.75% in CDF), for a maximum term of 24 months, with monthly payments not exceeding 45% of the net salary. To acquire a kit through this credit, the client must submit a proforma invoice from Orange Energy, a completed credit application, and an employer's recommendation letter to Rawbank, followed by signing the loan contract and collecting the kit from Orange Energy. More details below. 

Credit Eligibility Criteria

Do you want to purchase solar kits and are looking to apply for a bank loan to make the purchase? Opt for the Easy Energy credit.

The eligibility criteria for the loan are as follows:

  • Be between the ages of 25 to 60;
  • Be employed by a company approved by Rawbank;
  • Have a minimum salary of 60 USD;
  • Have a work contract with a minimum tenure of 1 year.
Credit Features

What are the features of the Easy Energy credit?

Easy Energy allows you to benefit from a credit:

  • Ranging from 150 USD to 10,000 USD
  • With a monthly interest rate of 1.75% (USD) and 3.75% (CDF)
  • For a duration of up to 24 months depending on the employer's credit approval
  • Having a monthly installment amount not exceeding 45% of the net monthly salary
  • It is a fixed-term advance (FTA) where the credit amount cannot exceed 4 months of the net salary.
How to acquire the Solar Kit with the Easy Energy?

Here is the procedure to follow:

  1. The Pro-forma invoice: Visits GoShop Energy, selects the appropriate kit, and obtains a proforma invoice containing the final price (including taxes).
  2. The Application: Go to the nearest Rawbank branch with the following documents to submit your credit application:
    1. The duly completed and signed credit application form;
    2. The proforma invoice of the chosen item;
    3. A letter of recommendation from your employer in the RAWBANK format.
  3. The Contract: You will be invited by the branch to sign the loan contract.
  4. The Kit: GoShop Energy will take care of delivering and installing the kit for you.
  5. The Energy: Enjoy solar Energy! 

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