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A look back at a training session
May 13, 2024 by
Laure Miruho Wene

As part of our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, the GoShop Academy recently hosted a session of our ongoing training program on May 9 and 10. This regular initiative has enabled and will continue to enable our technicians to continuously improve their skills to ensure the highest quality of service to our customers. Eight of our technicians had the opportunity to participate in this cohort, which focused on various critical aspects of our trade. From mastering sizing to the art of customer communication, from team building to mastering AC coupling and Multi RS Solar inverter configuration, this session was another step towards operational excellence. 

The importance of ongoing training in our industry cannot be overstated, and as a company committed to delivering quality and excellence to our customers, it is imperative that our team is always up to date with the latest technological advances and best practices. This in-house training was an important step in our journey towards continuous improvement, strengthening not only the technical skills of our technicians, but also their ability to deliver exceptional customer service.

One of the main components of the training was installation sizing. This is a fundamental aspect of our daily work. By fully understanding each customer's specific energy needs, our technicians are better equipped to design and install customized solar solutions that perfectly meet their expectations. In addition, the session on effective customer communication underscored the importance of building strong relationships and understanding the unique needs of each customer to ensure an exceptional customer experience at every stage of our interaction.

Another highlight of the course was the emphasis on teamwork. We believe that success can only be achieved by working together in harmony and synergy. The session encouraged collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members, strengthening our bonds and collective effectiveness.

Finally, mastering the AC coupling and Multi RS Solar inverter configuration was a fundamental technical aspect of the training. By fully understanding the nuances of this complex technology, our technicians are now better prepared to meet the most demanding technical challenges in the field, ensuring accurate and reliable installations every time.

In conclusion, this training cohort has been a success. It has strengthened not only the technical skills of our team, but also our commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction. We're proud of the dedication and passion of our technicians and look forward to seeing how they use their new skills to continue delivering quality and excellence to our customers.

At GoShop, continuous learning is one of the keys to our success, and we look forward to continuing our journey of excellence together.

Laure Miruho Wene May 13, 2024
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