Solar electricity not only powers light bulbs but also fuels hope, life, and progress!

Goshop and Cordaid
February 28, 2024 by
Laure Miruho Wene
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In 2022, GoShop initiated a visionary project alongside Cordaid, an organization dedicated to strengthening healthcare systems, to provide 189 health centers and general hospitals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with solar electricity. 

The initiative, which ended in November 2023, provided sustainable energy access to vital healthcare facilities in Kinshasa and remote areas of central DRC, including Sankuru, Tshopo, Kasai orientale, Kasai centrale, Tshuapa, Lomami, and Kasai!

Cordaid, a well-known organization committed to development and health, gathered data on the energy requirements of health centers and general hospitals. This allowed us to identify the exact electricity requirements of each facility! Establishing the basis for our partnership.

The project began with a pilot phase in which 14 solar power kits were installed in schools in Kinshasa. Based on this initial success and the impact of this collaboration, particularly in terms of access to electricity in remote areas, long-term reduction in energy costs, and reduction in mortality rates due to lack of electricity in various health facilities (in the case of childbirth or surgery), our mission was expanded to 61 additional facilities outside the capital. Buoyed by the positive momentum, we eventually installed our kits in 114 more health centers, lighting the way to improved, sustainable healthcare.

Each solar kit installed (consisting of 3 GoSolar 450W photovoltaic panels, 1 BYD 5 KWh/48v lithium battery, 1 Phoenix 48/1200 V.A inverter, 1 Victron 150/35 MPPT solar charge controller, and 1 Victron Cerbo-GX controller) represents much more than a source of energy. It represents hope, access to quality healthcare and the ability to save lives. By partnering with Cordaid, we have joined forces to make a significant impact on healthcare in the DRC. Solar power doesn't just light bulbs, it powers hope, life and progress.

Our joy is not o²nly in providing optimal energy solutions, but also in our commitment to making a difference. Together with Cordaid, we have paved the way for a future where every healthcare facility, regardless of geographic location, benefits from a reliable and sustainable energy source.

We welcome the end of this project with gratitude for the opportunity to have been a catalyst for change. This exemplary collaboration with Cordaid is much more than an energy project; it represents a shared commitment to health, development and a better future for the DRC.

It has been an honor to be a part of this adventure, and we remain committed to our mission of positive transformation, a source of light and progress for the Congolese community.

Laure Miruho Wene February 28, 2024
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