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Discover the origin of GoShop, our offices and how the company becomes the leader into solar energy & power solutions.

The GoShop Team in Goma
The Goma GoShop Team, Nord Kivu, DR Congo.

Established in 1980, GoShop is the Victron Energy authorized reseller in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

GoShop, ex Trameco, was originally specialized in electro-mechanical services. As the company grew, GoShop diversified its services to distribute renowned brands of solar energy products. All our techniciens are trained by the brand and are able to install your system and maintain them.

Despite the different conflicts and wars, Dominique Otjacques, the owner and CEO of GoShop has always invested and believed in the future of the DR Congo. An electro mechanical engineer himself, Dominique has spent the last 38 years training highly-qualified technicians and engineers. 

Today, GoShop is one of the leading electro-mechanical companies in the area entirely dedicated to its clients. Our success is dependent solely on how our customers judge us in terms of: 


Ensuring we deliver the best service as possible and develop long-term relationships with our clients.


Ensuring we provide the best equipment at the right price.


Ensuring we understand your needs and offer the best solutions.

Our Shops

GoShop Goma


First shop, established in 1980 by Dominique Otjacques. With our team of 20 technicians, sellers and advisers, we can respond to all your demands quickly.

GoShop Bukavu


Our second shop was created in Bukavu in 20016 to get closer from people of South Kivu. More than 20.000 references are available in the shop and our team of 10 employee is highly trained.

GoShop Kinshasa


To answer to the high demand of the capital we launched our shop in Kinshasa 2 years ago (2018). Products are available and our team ready to help yo.

7,000+ companies and individuals use our products across DR Congo.

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